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Free internship connections for OFC students
and member businesses

OFC SIAA is a lifetime alumni network and professional development program for Options for College students and a free way for businesses to connect with outstanding interns and volunteers.

Students in the program receive professional development and advice throughout their time in high school and beyond, support in finding the right next steps, and access to career opportunities.

OFC SIAA matches businesses in its network with exceptional volunteers and interns for free. As a result of working with us, OFC students have ready resumes, interview skills, and much more.

If you are a business or nonprofit seeking interns or volunteers, or an OFC student seeking an internship, contact us at OFCSIAA@optionsforcollege.com!

I'm not an OFC student, but I'd like to learn more about Options for College.

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We help students get into and get the most out of college.

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