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Applying successfully with the 2013 Common App

New York Times, October 12, 2013: Online Application Woes Make Students Anxious and Put Colleges Behind Schedule

Bugs in the new version of the common app are making it impossible to submit properly-formatted essays. The Common App is working to fix the issues, but they do not expect them to be repaired by November 1st.

Don't worry - you can still successfully complete your application in time for early decision deadlines!

1) If your high school uses Naviance and you are applying to one of the 33 schools that accepts the Universal Application, we recommend using that instead of the Common App.

2) If using the common app, you must submit your completed Common App, including the personal statement. Do not worry about formatting.

3) Then, send your personal statement in an alternate format approved by the admissions office. In most cases, this means emailing them a PDF attachment. Some offices also accept paper copies. Click here for instructions on converting a Word doc to PDF. We recommend naming the file something like ""LastName.FirstName.PersonalStatement" or "LastName.FirstName.Supplements".

4) Make sure anything you send contains your full name, high school, date of birth, and Common App ID.

*Download a print version of instructions and chart*

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Essay Submission Instructions


Admissions office phone number

Email address for sending materials

Notes and additional instructions, if any

Boston University



Attach the essay

Carleton College



Send explanation of issue and attach it with identifying information

Chapman University

(714) 997-6815

Do not email. Mail in paper copy of essay if you are having issues with formatting.

Chapman University Office of Admissions
One University Drive
Orange, CA 92866

Cornell University



Provide name and DOB in e-mail. Attach or write in body of e-mail

Fairfield University

(203) 254-4100

Do not email. Mail in paper copy of essay if you are having issues with formatting.

Office of Undergraduate Admission
Fairfield University
1073 North Benson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Harvard College

(617) 495-1551

Do not email. Harvard does not open attachments. Mail in paper copy of essay if you are having issues with formatting.

Send hardcopy of essay to 86 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138 Attn: Office of Admissions, make sure to have name, date of birth and Common App ID# on essay

Loyola Maryland

1-800-221-9107, ext. 5012


Attach statement to your email

Manhattan College

(718) 862-7200


Can attach and email or send paper copy

Marist College

(845) 575.3226


Email personal statement


(212-) 998-4500


Please attach the essay with a super short note that explains why you are sending it, your name, your high school, date of birth and your Common App ID#.



(609) 258-3060


Please attach the essay with a super short note that explains why you are sending it, your name, your high school and your Common App ID#.

Providence College

(401) 865-1000



SUNY New Paltz

(845) 257-7869


Attach essay to your email

University of Chicago

(773) 702-8650

Find out who your regional counselor is and email them directly, since they are the one who reviews your materials

For Manhattan, the regional counselor is Evan Cutworth - cudworth@uchicago.edu

University of Michigan

(734) 764-7433


They "will not penalize" students for formatting issues and require students to submit the completed essay on the common app form, but students can also supplement this by emailing the completed essay to ecredentials@umich.edu. Should include their name and birth date in the email.

University of Pennsylvania

(215) 898-7507


They say that they will send out a portal login once they have received the application through Common App. You can log in yourself and see if everything was sent. As of 10/21, they cannot see the common app. They promise that the portal login will arrive in advance of early application deadlines. They estimate "in a couple of days."

University of Richmond

(800) 700-1662


Email personal statement


(213) 740-1111


Please attach the essay with a super short note that explains why you are sending it, your name, your high school and your Common App ID#.


(434) 982-3200


Add name and DOB to your email. They also suggest calling to let them know you are emailing it


(802) 656-3370


Do NOT attach essay - paste in the body of the email. Include name and DOB.

Villanova University

(610) 519-4000


Attach essay

William and Mary

(757) 221-4223


Email personal statement


(203) 432-9300




Our Mission

Options for College helps students and families get into and get the most out of college. We are different because we use a proven program, The Way There, with a three-phase, ten-step curriculum that sets the standard for what college guidance is supposed to be.

Our success is measured by student acceptance rates that are higher than those of other students with the same SAT scores and grades, and better grades and outcomes once students are in college. Getting in is wonderful, but knowing what college is and how to navigate it ultimately leads to making the most of the college experience. Our students are assets to their respective colleges and bring measurable passion and goals to school with them.

In short, Options for College sets a real standard for “college preparation,” where students know what college is and how to get in.

Our Vision

We help our students be who they are on their best days so that they can live in the realm of hopes and dreams.

We give people back their spirit and freedom by showing them that they do not need to compromise – we stick to Plan A.

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