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Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth


On behalf of Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and Family Academic Programs, thank you for all your work with our college preparatory programs over the last eight semesters. Creating an online relationship with students around the world is no easy task. You were able to reach each student using focused and thoughtful instruction, and changed lives and created community without the aid of a classroom.


The feedback from each of the 200+ students who participated in your online course was unanimously glowing over the past four years. You clearly created a message that mixed practical knowledge with a sense of optimism that helped our students plan their futures more effectively. As you know, your course consistently averaged a five out of five on student evaluation forms. Just in the last semester, language like "genuinely interested," "incredibly helpful," "focused on my individual needs," "excellent and timely," "kind and patient," pervades the voluntary feedback we received.


We at Family Academic Programs always appreciated your proactive approach to soliciting and organizing student feedback as it helped us to know our students better in terms of who they are and want to be. You also managed the technology of the class seamlessly - even technophobes found a comfortable place in your classroom. You also went above and beyond the call of duty by videotaping every session of the class to make sure no student missed anything. You worked with us from day one and were receptive and cooperative.

In short, this course was a success beyond any expectations anyone could have hoped. Remarkably, you were a part of the culture here even though hundreds of miles away, and our students and CTY are very fortunate to have affiliated with you for so long. I would be happy to share our experience with others and recommend Options for College for its methodology, practices, and compassion.


In gratitude,

Director, Family Academic Programs

Sienna, Brown University


I wouldn't have gotten into my dream school without the help of Options for College. Before committing to the company, I shopped around at a few similar organizations, but none of them seemed to match the genuine interest in helping me achieve my academic goals as OFC.

[My counselor] was extremely helpful. He gave a lot of suggestions about what I should do for extracurriculars and summer programs, and I believe it was his expert advice that helped set me apart from other applicants. When it came time to actually think about colleges, he helped me set realistic goals and made sure I understood what I wanted to get from each college. He edited my essays, fine-tuned my short responses, and provided excellent feedback on other parts of my applications. My counselor required a lot of work from me, but in the end, it was worth it.

If you're dedicated to getting into a good school and are willing to put in the effort, you can't go wrong with Options for College!

Bettina, Harvard University Parent


First of all I would like to thank everybody who has worked with [my daughter]. Without your team, we would not even have known where to start. Getting into University in Europe is just so much more straightforward.

We are thrilled that she got into Harvard. Not only for the obvious reasons, but above all because we believe she will be truly happy there. She has already met two of her future classmates at a MUN conference in the Hague. She is in a book club, discussion group and I don't even know what all with her future peers. When I read their posts and how they describe themselves, I just feel she is a perfect match.

Zack, Dartmouth College


When my mother and I couldn't stop fighting over a college process neither of us really understood, we decided to seek outside help. Options for College helped us to solve our problems and then some. Keith and his team worked tirelessly to provide us with an effective plan of action through the college admission process that was ambitious yet realistic about my prospects.

I'm currently a senior at an Ivy-League institution. I would not be here without Options for College.

Isaac, Michigan Parent


Simply the best in the business. The team is thorough, knowledgable and caring. No better way to get an edge on college admissions.

James, Fashion Institute of Technology Student


During my experience at Options for College, I felt as if I was being taken care of by family. I was constantly pushed and motivated to strive for the best of my ability while helping me make decisions that in the end would make myself proud. During a process that confused, worried and intimated me, Options for College changed my perspective entirely. I worked with Options for College about four years ago during my college application process as well as my transfer process. To this day I am still in contact with the amazing team. As a matter of fact, I am looking to use their services pertaining to getting my masters degree. If anyone is looking for assistance with college preparations, Options for College is the place to go.

James, Babson College Parent


Thanks for ALL your help with this and everything in [my son's] application process. Your help was invaluable and ... your input and guidance has had a profound effect on my son's development, focus and maturity.

Jack, University of Michigan Student


[OFC] takes you behind the mind of a college admissions officer, scripting out in detail what colleges look for in a student…the writing workshops were very helpful not only in helping me write a killer essay, but also in becoming a better writer in general…

When I first started using [OFC], my only extracurricular activity was Madden football. However, by the time I finished using [OFC], I had worked for two NCAA sidelines, wowed pro football coaches with my wide receiver skills, met with pro coaches, and published articles for CBS sports. [My counselor] truly turned my life around through his motivational skills and wide depth of knowledge and networks.”

Bobby, Baylor University Student


I firmly believe that in no way, shape, or form would my college application process have been as meaningful and/or comprehensive as it was without the insight and support of Options for College. [My counselor]  and his team were an invaluable asset not only in the sense that they had helped me develop a stellar college application, but also because of their dedication to helping me assess and evaluate what it was that I had actually wanted to derive from my college experience. Not once throughout the entirety of the process did I feel that I had been going it alone. In fact, there were a number of different occasions when [my counselor] had gone out of his way to make sure that I was given the support that I had needed.


Ultimately, while no review can do justice to the true value of an Options for College experience, I can honestly and wholeheartedly say that I could not have asked for anything better than the services and the support that [my counselor] and his team had provided me with.

Sharon, Dartmouth and Wash. U Parent


Both of my kids were accepted into their Early Decision Schools thanks to [OFC]. One is graduating from Dartmouth and the other is entering Washington University in St. Louis. My kids did not have the most stellar grades, but [their counselor] helped them both to understand that the college application process is not all about grades.


[OFC] counseled my kids on discovering their inner passions and interests and then pursuing them while still in high school.   These pursuits evolved into outstanding extra-curricular activities which I am sure is what caught the eye of the admissions departments of both schools.   Both of my kids' ED college applications were authentic, meaningful and made the schools fully aware of who they were accepting.  More important that getting into the colleges of their choice, my kids learned an enormous amount about themselves after being mentored by [their counselor] and the rest of the staff at Options for College.


Options for College is not merely a service which helps with filling out forms.   The process of developing and expanding a child's interests which will be reflected on the college application begins early on in high school years.   Contact Options for College during 9th grade and they will open up the world for your child.

Albert, Amherst Parent


I'd like to express our immense gratitude for your extraordinary abilities to recognize our daughter's potential and encouragement she received to look outside of her predetermined views. Your class was instrumental for her successful application process. We're very proud [of our daughter’s] accomplishments while recognizing that if was not for your gentle but very convincing input, we would not have been even looking at the direction that she ultimately elected… We wish you the best and would highly recommend your services to anyone!


Thank you!

The Princeton Review India


While soliciting [Options for College] services was based on impeccable academic and professional background, the actual training experience superseded our initial expectations. What was most useful about the workshops was learning how to address each of the processes with our clients (study abroad applicants) in a scientific way. Keith equipped us with tangible tools (thought triggering questions designed to facilitate a client's self analysis, bases which need to be covered in each critical consultation with clients, etc. ) to be used by our advisors. We believe it has brought in the romance of US higher education into our standard operating procedure...The training not only improved our understanding of study abroad, it has also served as an HR exercise - motivating our staff, helping them see a greater future in this (unconventional) industry.


You won him over from the outset. You were clearly there for HIM and he valued your insights and your support. You allowed us to step out of the picture and we found that he actually came to us for advice. Our fear of arguing with him over college applications was eliminated.
-- Parent in NY

You made a point of getting to know our son individually, working with him to define his goals, talents and achievements. I sensed from the beginning that he was very comfortable with you and both our son and we were amazed when we reviewed the resume highlighting accomplishments, all of which were true but would not have been showcased without your input. Our son began to see himself in a different light.
-- Parent in NJ

From our first telephone conversation, [our counselor] was interested in my son and his potential… it is my opinion that he is the epitome of what a college counselor should be. I recommend [Options for College] whole heartedly to anyone who is about to embark on the college admissions process.
-- Remote service parent, LA

I knew that my daughter’s application process was in the hands of a real professional from the minute I met [her counselor] at Options for College. She thoroughly and systematically analyzed our situations and advised us on our options. She was successfully able to draw out my daughter’s best potential in support of this target, not an easy task when you consider that my daughter was already overloaded with school and community work. [This counselor] underlines the value of getting a real professional behind your aspiring college student.

-- Parent in NY

You were exactly what my son needed to give him motivation and inspiration to complete the application process. You provided him with the perfect amount of guidance enabling him to gather his thoughts, use and highlight his skills, and, at the same time, keep him organized.
-- Parent in MA

Applying as a transfer student was a new experience and uncharted territory. . . you explained the process in great detail and really counseled us about the right fit. Importantly, you helped us understand the right way to emphasize strengths in ways that made him stand out from other applicants, and resonate with what admissions official look for in transfer applicants. . . we had a tremendously positive experience, and ended up with many great choices. . . I am a big fan!
-- Parent of transfer student, NY

We are confident that it was your professional knowledge of the admissions process that was key in getting him his early admittance. We would like to thank you for your constant support, patience, and professionalism through these past months.
-- Parent in MA

[Our son] was very serious about wanting to do his applications without parental interference. The Options for College staff were sensitive to this, took time to understood who he was, and respected his wish to be treated as an adult. [The counselor and our son] formed a mutually respectful team that worked together to provide guidance and support without ever making him feel that he wasn’t in control of the process. In doing this, his anxiety was kept to a minimum, and he really looked forward to his meetings. They actively helped him take the college application process into his own hands and to be responsible for his applications.
-- Parent in NY

You were responsive by e-mail and telephone and the follow-up was immediate. We were very proud to share with you the numerous schools that accepted our son and I must note that we were also surprised regarding the three schools that, unsolicited, offered significant scholarships.
-- Parent in MA

Without [OFC's] help our son would never have got acceptance by early decision in a highly selective program in an Ivy League college. We cannot praise [our counselor] enough and thank him for all his help. We will definitely use his services for our second child.
-- Parent in NJ

You spent a significant amount of time culling responses from our son, without spoon-feeding a prepared but unauthentic answer.
-- Parent in NJ

[Our counselor] provided our daughter the guidance that she needed in selecting a school. Over numerous phone calls, meetings and e-mails he took the time to understand her as a person -- her strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. The individual attention and intimate knowledge of the schools and admission process lead to the final acceptance of her application. We would have been lost and unable to navigate through this stressful process without [our counselor's] help.
-- Remote service parent, CA

What a great experience! He was accepted Early Decision to his top school. He took ownership over his responsibility and gloried in his acceptance.
-- Parent in NY

[Our son] certainly got into some great schools, which in our opinion was a direct result of working with you. This turned out to be a tremendously competitive year for college admissions. While a vast majority of his friends had to "settle" for the particular school they will attend, [our son] was able to choose from a list of highly regarded institutions. Thanks to your guidance, whatever choice he makes over the next few days will reward him with the opportunity for a first rate education.
-- Parent in MA


Working with OFC not only brought out the best in my application, but the best in me as well. Whereas most view the application process as a hurdle, OFC made me realize that it could be a path to self-discovery instead.
-- Student in NY

My time with OFC was definitely a great experience. I decided on my dream school; I got accepted to my dream school; but I gained a lot more than just that. Through three years of high school my focus was to get into a good college. OFC helped me realize that there is a lot more to my education than just moving on to the next step. I came away inspired and with more defined goals for my life. I think the future ahead looks pretty bright, and I owe a lot of that to OFC. Anyone serious about going to a good school should definitely consider OFC.
-- Student in NY

Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Honestly, I learned more than I ever hoped I would... I didn't even know where to start when it came to college, nor what I was looking for. Now, I feel so much more confident.
-- Remote service student

I don’t think I could have encountered a better college guidance counselor to give me that extra hand that makes the difference between a good candidate and a great one.
-- Student in NY

I'm happy not only because of the achievements we've made with college, but the amount that I have learned from you in other ways. . . You really prepared me for college in the complete sense. You helped me get admitted, but you also helped me reflect on myself and my strengths, to focus on what I am interested in and apply myself to the fullest extent.
-- Student in NY

My counselor was someone you could trust … I could call him whenever I needed to and would get my questions answered before the end of the day and the same goes for emails. The best thing is that he helped my family and I accomplish what we wanted. I got into my first choice college and now I am enjoying a stress-free senior year.
-- Student in CT

Your in-depth knowledge of colleges around the country never ceased to amaze me, and it was hugely instrumental in crafting my list of prospective colleges.
-- Student in LA

I was clueless on how to write a college essay, but [my counselor] was able to help me dig deep and bring out the best of me and translate it on paper.
-- Student in MA

With misleading sources of college information constantly bombarding my family, I knew I needed something other than gossiping neighbors, College Confidential, and College Prowler to lean on for help, confidence and support… OFC made the worst few semesters of the high school experience the most academically and socially invigorating few months of my life, and it has and will continue to take me places.
--Student in NY

You were always accessible when I had questions and had no problem staying late if a meeting called for it. -- Student in MA ...the most fulfilling part of the experience was being able to open my acceptance letter into the college of my choice. In the end all of my hard work, and your helpful advice and leadership paid off.
-- Student in MA

[My counselor's] critical analysis of each essay perfected not just the grammar and usage aspects of my writing, but the authenticity of expression. He never told me what to write, but he taught me how to convey my accomplishments in the most effective way possible. -- Remote service student, MA


Options for College was able to step in on a consulting basis at the most critical time of the year and serve our students with great insight and perception to meet their needs in finding the right colleges for them. Further, they encouraged many of our seniors to apply to colleges that had not been on their lists—schools that were more challenging in their acceptance criteria. The results of Options for College's work with our students have been excellent in every way. Our seniors have an impressive list of acceptances so far, which have been strongly supported by their guidance and advocacy for each of them. Students, parents and faculty members appreciate all of their efforts on behalf of our students. Their congenial and warm manner with all of us brings a deeper dimension to their work. I recommend Options for College with the highest enthusiasm for their professional expertise, insightful observations, and effectiveness in meeting deadlines.
-- The Rudolf Steiner School

No one I've ever met in this industry knows as much as Options for College - not just about getting into college, but about picking the right college. I recommend all my students to them without hesitation.
You are a wonderful speaker, so knowledgeable about every aspect of your subject: its history, components, purpose, the various controversies, studies, and inside stories. Obviously you met our audience right on their level, as they seemed to have given the matter much thought and had many probing questions for you – which you answered thoroughly and patiently.
-- Conference planner in MA

Call 877-OFC-INTL (632-4685)

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