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We call it The Way There,
your passport to the future.

Our Vision

We help our students be who they are on their best days so that they can live in the realm of hopes and dreams.

We give people back their spirit and freedom by showing them that they do not need to compromise – we stick to Plan A.


      Our Mission

Options for College helps students and families get into and get the most out of college. We are different because we use a proven program, The Way There, with a three-phase, ten-step curriculum that sets the standard for what college guidance is supposed to be.

Our success is measured by student acceptance rates that are higher than those of other students with the same SAT scores and grades, and better grades and outcomes once students are in college. Getting in is wonderful, but knowing what college is and how to navigate it ultimately leads to making the most of the college experience. Our students are assets to their respective colleges and bring measurable passion and goals to school with them.

In short, Options for College sets a real standard for “college preparation,” where students know what college is and how to get in.


Three Phases of College Admission

The Way There Full Service

1. Collection


Getting the five key groups of stakeholders on the same page with you in terms of who you are and who you want to be. This stage includes outreach, resume writing and interview prep.  

2. Selection


Putting together a list of 10-12 schools, 1-3 high priority schools, and using decision-making analysis to determine where to apply early. Your counselor and you will work to select colleges and universities that will help you reach your academic/professional aspirations, that match your strengths, and give you a community in which you can best grow. We make sure you love where you are going.

3. Application


Going through every essay and form, adhering to the standard of the best application possible. Your counselor and you now know what your strengths are, what experiences have been significant for you, and where you are interested in applying.  This is the phase in which these ideas are put onto paper and told to the world.


Getting Started Earlier

Plus years

For students who are not in their application year (which begins in January of the junior year), the Full Service is extended to “Plus Years” to cover four main themes:


  • Course Selection

  • Resume building

  • Summer planning

  • Test selection

This service is appropriate for students in ninth or tenth grades, or in the fall of their junior year.

Transfer Admissions Help

Options for College Undergraduate Full Service, adjusted to the timeline and context of a college transfer.

Appropriate for current college students looking to move on to a new, better college setting.

Transfer admissions is very different from freshman admissions in terms of how to apply effectively.


Specifically tailored to the transfer process, this plan helps students address time off, making new connections, and all the reasons that students decide to leave their current college situations.

Beyond College - Grad School

B-School, Law School, Med School and Ph.D.

Full service for prospective graduate students. Similar to our standard full service, but more application- and professionally-focused, as befits clients who are further along in their careers.


Prospective graduate students often approach the graduate school admissions process in an identical way to the college application process. Especially for pre-professional and doctoral programs, this is a tremendous error.  The graduate school admissions process has completely unique standards, goals, and procedures.


Qualified graduate students should approach the process in anticipation of being the best candidate for all admissions and merit awards.


Though we typically work with business and academic program applicants, we have also helped law and medical school applicants gain entry to their first choices.

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